Tiger King

Tiger King
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Tiger King makes the penis erect quickly, improve sexual intercourse quality, shorten the interval for a second intercourse and reduce fatigue. Remove premature ejaculation, activate kidney function and increase secretion of testicle cells. Tiger King contains many vigor factors required by male, long-term administration can increase spirit, essence and vigor and prevent prostate and other similar diseases.

Drug description: Tiger King,Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ingredients: Ginseng,velvet antler,cynomorium sougaricum,wolfberry,shark cartilage,cordy sinensis and other 26 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine extracts.
Function: Warming kidney and strengthening Yang,strengthening body resistance and increasing immunity.
Applicable group: ED,premature ejaculation,poor sperm,sex malfunction,repaired poor sex demand,short penis,lassitude waist and knee,myasthenia of limbs,sponteneous sweating and night sweating,prostatitis and other caused by kidney-deficiency.
Dosage and usage: Orally taken,take 1 piece 10~20 minutes before sexual intercourse and the drug effect lasts for 72 hours.The person with high blood pressure or heart disease can take the drug.
Quantity 10 tab
Weight 700mg
Ingredients Ginseng, velvet antler, cynomorium sougaricum, wolfberry, shark cartilage, cordy sinensis and other 26 types of traditional Chinese medicine extracts.

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